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Nervous patients

Dental practice on 40 Harley Street, Central London

Being afraid of the dentist means different things to different people. It could be the thought that treatment might hurt, or the sounds and smells that bring back memories of a bad experience. Visiting the dentist can be the cause of various degrees of anxiety. Fortunately, this does not stop most patients attending, but for some dental phobia can be a serious problem.

Whether you suffer from slight anxiety or a debilitating phobia, you can be sure that your comfort is our top priority. Our dentists are very experienced in treating nervous patients and we have a number of techniques and approaches to help you overcome any fear or concerns:

  • We will take the time to listen to your concerns and wherever possible, adapt treatment to address them.
  • We are experienced at providing painless dentistry and talking you through treatment so that there are no surprises.
  • You may also opt for conscious sedation with a specialist anaesthetist in attendance. You will be conscious throughout any procedure, but will feel relaxed with little or no recall of the dental treatment.*
  • We can schedule appointments for the mornings so that you have less time to dwell on it.

It is important to not allow your anxiety or phobia to prevent you getting the right level of dental care. Please do get in touch on 020 7580 2720 or 020 7580 1610 or email us if you’d like to ask anything.

Frequently Asked Questions

About how we help nervous patients at 40 Harley Street

  1. How will the dentist help me relax?

    Our dentists understand just how challenging and worrying visiting the dentist can be for some patients. It’s an area in which we have a lot of experience and our aim is always to help patients control anxiety by listening to your concerns and addressing them openly and honestly.

    You can be certain that no treatment will go ahead without your full consent and knowledge. We find that explaining dental procedures in detail can be very helpful for nervous patients as it is the unexpected that often causes worry and fear.

    We can also arrange sedation for particularly nervous patients. You’ll remain conscious throughout treatment but will feel completely relaxed and calm.

  2. Is there really such a thing as painless dentistry?

    Dentistry can be painful in the wrong hands, but with a skilled operator and modern effective local anaesthetics any discomfort can be kept to a minimum and in most cases entirely eliminated. It is a priority for our clinicians to provide as painless dentistry as possible.

  3. What causes dental phobia and anxiety?

    Although dental phobia and anxiety are individual to each person affected, there are some common underlying factors. Fear of pain is one of the most common causes and is often connected to an unpleasant earlier dental experience or the sharing of dental ‘horror’ stories. Many people feel anxious about having injections or the anaesthetic not working properly. A sense of losing control or feeling helpless can also be behind dental phobia as can feeling uncomfortable about the invasion of personal space experienced at the dentist.

  4. Who can benefit from conscious sedation?

    If you feel frightened or very anxious about having dental treatment, then conscious sedation could be the right option for you. It can also be suitable for patients who have had previous traumatic dental experiences, require a lengthy appointment for complex procedures or gag easily.

  5. *Can I eat before conscious sedation?

    It’s important not to eat or drink for six hours before treatment. You must also be accompanied home.

*Individual results may vary.

Nothing but praise

I have been treated by Dr Lawrence for many years and I have nothing but praise for the experience and care he has given my teeth without fail. It is a pleasure to be treated by him.

Lord H

Thank you!

Ten years ago I was told that I would need gum surgery. I went to 40 Harley Street for a second opinion. I was told that, with the correct care and attention, surgery could be avoided. I have been a patient ever since. The care and attention Dr Rezavandi has administered has kept my teeth and gums healthy. I cannot thank him & his team enough.


Highly Recomend!

I have always received great care and professional guidance from Mr Rezavandi and his staff at the Group Practice in 40 Harley street. The level of professionalism is second to none and I always leave knowing that I have had the best possible treatment. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Rezavandi.