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Dental health checks

Dental practice at 40 Harley Street

Regular routine examinations are essential to maintain good oral health and we recommend that you have a dental health check at least once a year. Early detection of dental problems often means less complex treatment in the long run. Your medical history will also be kept updated (including any new medications or allergies) by attending regular routine examinations.

Dental health checks at 40 Harley Street, London include small routine digital x-rays taken usually every two years. This allows the condition of your mouth to be monitored over time to make your dental health checks even more thorough and insightful: Intra-oral scanning with a 3D camera (iTero System) may also be used to monitor changes to your teeth and gums.

  • The incidence of oral cancer (or mouth cancer) is rising. Your dentist will check for any signs of the disease including lesions. Early detection and monitoring with appropriate preventative advice can make invasive treatment unnecessary.
  • We use digital x-rays which are available almost instantly and involve lower doses of radiation compared to the traditional wet-film method. The x-rays can also be enhanced and enlarged for better diagnostics.

Our dental check-ups are usually combined with a visit to the hygienist for hygiene therapy.

Frequently asked questions

About dental health checks at 40 Harley Street

  1. What does a dental health check involve?

    Your dentist will begin by asking if you have any concerns with your teeth, gums or mouth. They will then carry out a thorough examination checking for any signs of oral cancer, gum disease, dental decay or erosion and softening of tooth enamel.

    Any swelling, mouth sores and redness will also be examined and periodontal pockets (the spaces between the top of the gum line and where the gum tissue firmly attaches to the mouth) are assessed. Approximately every two years, your dentist may take small x-rays to check your teeth for decay and bone loss.

  2. How often should I have a dental health check?

    Your dentist will recommend how often you should have a dental health check, but we usually advise on at least once a year.

  3. Which x-rays do you use?

    We use the latest digital radiographs. These give us much more information that is available almost immediately and at a lower radiation dose when compared to a traditional wet-film type x-ray. Each small dental x-ray has a dosage equivalent to a few days’ background radiation or an hour’s flying time.

  4. What if there is a problem with my dental health?

    The most important thing to bear in mind is that you are in the right place. Your dentist will discuss the issue in full (including all treatment options) before any treatment goes ahead. We have numerous specialist dentists as part of the team here at 40 Harley Street, London providing treatment including root canal treatment and oral surgery. For more complex cases, a complete and individual treatment plan and estimate will be provided.

  5. What if I feel nervous about visiting the dentist and dental treatment?

    Our dentists are very experienced in treating nervous patients and providing a carrying environment. You can read more about this here.

*Individual results may vary.

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Peter Lawrence has been my dentist for more years than I can mention! All my family come to Peter, and to any friends with any fear of dentistry I will recommend Peter. His bedside manner is exemplary and he puts his patients at ease with a measured summary of his procedures before starting: I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.