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We will discuss fees and appointment requirements before going ahead with any treatment. We will also provide you with an estimate for more complex cases. Whatever your dental needs, you can be assured that our dentists will provide all of the help and advice you need to feel completely satisfied with your treatment.

Please take a look at our fee list as a guideline.

Dental Examinations
Routine check-up £120 - £140
Hourly rate for fillings and routine dental treatment £380 - £420
Initial consultation (3/4 hr incl. small X-rays) £165
Periodontal Treatments
Periodontal consultation £195
Implant Consultation £145
Single implant supported crown from £3,400
Specialist periodontal treatment (hourly rate) £420
Specialist root canal treatment from £755
Prosthodontic treatments
Crowns £930 - £1,200
Hygiene Treatments
Visit to the hygienist (3/4 hr) £95
Home tooth whitening £560
Zoom (tooth whitening) with trays £750